Advanced materials

The highest-quality metal powder, for the most demanding applications

We specialize in making refractory metals and speciality alloy powders that are designed to address the intensive demands of aviation, space, defense—and beyond.


The material difference—for when quality matters

We offer high-quality metal powders in a wide range of sizes and alloys. Our cutting-edge technology provides a consistent, spherical shape that ensures optimal flow properties—which are ideal for additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy.

Enabled by next-generation atomization

Our next-gen atomization technology uses advanced fluid dynamics and induction heating to reduce waste, increase yield, and provide superior particle size and shape. Its non-contact feedstock melting method ensures the highest possible material cleanliness and allows us to switch alloys within a material family with minimal downtime. This gives us the agility to scale from small projects to high-volume production—without interruption, while maintaining quality.

There's not too many customers that are more demanding than the U.S. government. These applications are on the bleeding edge of capabilities. So the raw materials that go into those applications have to be flawless."

Eric BonoPresident & Chief Technical Officer