Advanced Manufacturing

Near net shape parts, built with integrity

Crafted with premium materials and industry-leading technology, we produce custom near net shape parts that stand up to the test of demanding, critical applications.


Advanced manufacturing, empowered by industry expertise

Our collaborative manufacturing process combines our extensive knowledge of numerical modeling with the expertise of powder metallurgy in Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). This allows us to produce premium quality parts for industries like defense and aviation with precision and efficiency.

I believe in passing on knowledge and ensuring precision in our work. It's not just about making parts; it's about making a lasting impact on the industry."

Fred YoltonTechnical Fellow Powder Metallurgy & Materials Engineering


We use Hot Isostatic Pressing to provide our customers with high-quality near net shape parts that require minimal machining or processing. Our near net shape-HIP process eliminates internal defects and material porosity, enabling high-quality, corrosion-resistant components that are suitable for high-demand applications.