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Researching, Solving, Designing and Building World Leading Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA) Provides Bespoke Solutions, Practical Problem-Solving and World-Leading Knowledge

Helping Our Customers Deliver On Challenging Opportunities

Through World-Leading Research and Technology

Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA) provides an integrated metal 3D printing research, development, design, prototyping and manufacturing service to our aerospace, defense and tooling customers.

Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA)

Our Services

Amaero® offers full end to end solutions for additive manufacturing of metal components including design, manufacturing, equipment, services and materials to our Aviation, Defense, Space and Tooling customers.

Research and Development

Through our partnership with the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing (MCAM), we provide customers with access to 50+ world-class researchers in the fields of metallurgy, materials engineering and computer simulation specifically for the application of metal additive manufacturing.

Design and Prototyping

Amaero's design experience across a broad range of product geometries and performance requirements provides our customers with a reduced product development time from concept to 3D printed product. We can help you design your product to capitalise on the benefits of additive manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing

Our three metal additive manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, USA, Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia provide on-demand manufacturing of customised, precise, high-quality and robust components. We make the smallest components up to the largest build volume in the world
(800mm x 400mm x 500mm).

Tooling Specialists

Our team has extensive experience in metal casting and expertise in metal 3D printing. We use this expertise to produce high quality, precision tooling for our customers. This includes tools for plastic injection molding and metal die-casting for high volume manufacturing.

Equipment Sales & Consumables

Amaero offers turnkey solutions for metal 3D printing including the competitive Amaero SP series of laser powder bed fusion machines, safest systems with powder management and proprietary high performance metal powders.

Training, Services & Maintenance

As a full end-to-end metal additive manufacturing service company, Amaero works with its customers to tailor training, maintenance, recalibration, qualification and parameter development services.

Patented Metal Alloys

We team up with leading researchers at MCAM to commercialize novel proprietary alloys for metal 3D printing. These alloys provide our customers with the best in class performance and heat resistance.

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A World Of New Possibilities

Amaero creates large-scale components with precision and quality for the aerospace, defense, tooling and automotive industries
in metal using the laser-based additive manufacturing process.

Our Difference

Established in 2013, to commercialize metal additive manufacturing technologies developed by Monash University, we continue to push the technology boundaries of materials science, alloy design, metal 3D printing and surface engineering producing bespoke solutions for our customers.

Amaero is an integrated research, design, prototyping, manufacturing and machine sales company – rather than just a metal 3D printing supply company.

Amaero offers solutions for an alloy, a component, a machine or a full turnkey, production qualified package tailored to our customer's needs.


3D Metal Printers For Purchase

Amaero has exclusive distribution rights within North America to sell the most productive metal additive manufacturing machines (AMAERO).

Amaero's SP series machines and ancillary equipment enable safe handling of metal powders, rapid changeovers and high capital productivity.

We give our customers the benefits of manufacturing their own high-strength, reduced weight, durable, and robust metal components, and tooling by purchasing Amaero SP series machines.

In addition, we provide ongoing maintenance support, training and services such as product and material qualification.


Why Partner With Us?

Amaero's research and experience with metal additive manufacturing technology have delivered the following achievements:

  • Exclusive North American distribution agreement to sell the safest and most cost competitive metal 3D printing equipment available (Amaero SP series)
  • Amaero is co-located with the world’s largest dedicated metal additive manufacturing R&D facility with daily access to 50+ research scientists focused on providing solutions for Amaero customers
  • The first company to 3D print CASA approved components flying in commercial aircraft
  • The first company to 3D print flying parts in the hot part of the turbine engines in defense aircraft
  • The first company in the world to metal 3D print a working Aerospike rocket engine
  • Approved by US defense primes to receive ITAR controlled data
  • Proven track record in providing conformal cooling mold inserts made from MS1 and H13
  • Committed to delivering quality focused on safety, reliability and meeting aerospace regulatory compliance under our AS 9100D certified quality management system
  • Partnerships with world-class additive manufacturing research universities including Monash University (MCAM) and University of Adelaide to provide access to world class non-destructive testing facilities to assure product integrity and reduced qualification lead time
  • Exclusive rights to patented high performance Beta Ti alloy developed by MCAM that is a new heat-treatable high strength titanium alloy that has a higher fatigue strength and fivefold increase in fatigue life compared to Ti64 and Beta-C Ti
  • Exclusive rights to patented high operating temperature aluminum alloy developed by MCAM that has superior strength and durability at high operating temperatures
  • Offering certified training through our partnership with Monash University

Our Partners and Key Customers

Amaero has strategic collaborative partnerships with both MCAM at Monash University, Melbourne and with the University of Adelaide to develop additive manufacturing technology.

In addition, we have worked with many of the world's leading aerospace and defense companies.

Some of our key customers include:

Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA) Helps Our Customers Deliver on Challenging Opportunities Through World-Leading Research and Technology

Our World Class Partners

When you partner with us, you will experience our unique full end-to-end service approach to metal additive manufacturing.