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Our Services

Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA) offers full end-to-end metal additive
manufacturing (3D metal printing) services, world class equipment and cutting-edge
technology to our Aviation, Defense, Space and Tooling customers.

The bespoke solutions we create are based on current research in material science, alloy design, alloy
processing, surface engineering and metal additive manufacturing

Research And Development

Amaero undertakes research and development on new materials and methods for additive manufacturing.  We often collaborate with our customers on R&D projects enabling new products, materials and processes.

We also have strategic partnership agreements with Monash University and the University of Adelaide, providing access to over 50 world-class researchers and technical staff in the fields of metallurgy, process development and software development for the application of metal additive manufacturing.

Amaero is also engaged in collaborative research with the CSIRO on design and simulation of additive manufacturing components as well as non-destructive testing using X-Ray Computerized Tomography.

Through our research partners, we have access to the best in class characterization facilities, including SEM, XRD, CT scanning and the Australian Synchrotron.The focus of our research and development activity is to develop solutions to the challenges of additive manufacturing in the form of new Intellectual Property: hardware, software, design and practical knowledge.

This provides Amaero with a competitive edge and gives Amaero's customers a reliable project and product outcomes.

Customers who benefit from our research and development service:

  • Military and Defence
  • Space
  • Aviation
  • Universities
  • Other Research organisations

Contract Manufacturing

Metal 3D printing has revolutionized manufacturing with the following benefits:

  • Components are lighter, stronger, more durable, and functional as they can be created with complex internal lattices and free form geometries
  • Eliminates the need for tooling. This means small batches and customized products can be individually produced

Our three metal additive manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, USA; Melbourne, Australia and Adelaide, Australia provide our customers with on-demand manufacturing of innovative components that are customized, precise, high-quality and robust.

Selecting from our comprehensive range of machines, alloys and post-processing options, Amaero provides individual solutions that meet our customer's requirements for performance and cost.

Our Laser Powder Bed Fusion machines can manufacture metal parts from the smallest size right up to the largest build volume in the world (800 x 400 x 500 mm).

As an additional service, Amaero can also help assist you to outsource large scale additive manufacturing projects or ongoing manufacturing. We have access to multi-national industrial corporations capable of manufacturing large scale contracts using the Amaero SP range of 3D metal printers. Contact us to find how we can help you scale your metal 3D printing manufacturing requirements.

Customers who benefit from our contract manufacturing service:

  • Military and Defense
  • Space
  • Aviation
  • Tooling
  •  Automotive
  • SMEs
  • Industrial companies
Read more about our machine capability here

Tooling Specialists

With our teams’ 80 years of combined extensive experience in metal casting and expertise in metal 3D printing we produce high quality, precision tooling for our customers. This includes plastic injection molding and metal die casting molds for high volume manufacturing.

Manufacturing tooling with the innovation of metal 3D printing gives our customers the following benefits:

  • Increased design flexibility and freeform geometries allows:
  • Complex internal structures to be created such as cooling channels, lattice structures or venting features
  • Insert consolidation
  • Weight saving recesses
  • Shorter lead times for tool manufacture, which increases the speed to market
  • Increased mold life for high volume parts with the use of innovative alloy materials
  • Reduced heat checking and soldering for die cast products
  • Increased product manufacturing capacity. The use of conformal cooling allows the die to cool faster, increases productivity, reduces cycle times and improves the quality of the finished product
  • Increased safety by eliminating potential toxicity of current tooling materials
  • Optimized product design leading to material and cost savings

Our Recent Tooling Projects

  • Ultra-high temperature (glass) complex tooling for advanced high productivity construction material manufacturing
  • Redesign, analysis and manufacture of die-cast tools using conformal cooling for a global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Research and development project with CSIRO to model conformal cooling performance on die casting tooling

Our three metal additive manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, USA; Melbourne, Australia and Adelaide, Australia manufacture innovative tooling components that are customized, precise, high-quality and robust.

  • Industrial companies
  • SMEs
  • Military and Defense
  • Weight saving recesses
  • Space
  • Aviation
  • Tool Manufacturers
  • Injection Molders
  • Die Casters
  • Automotive
  • Customers with a pre-existing manufacturing process
Find out more about Tooling here

Equipment Sales & Consumables

We give our customers the option of manufacturing their own metal components and tooling by purchasing low cost, fast and reliable metal 3D printing machines, ancillary equipment and consumables.

With our exclusive North America distribution rights for the world-leading most productive metal additive manufacturing machines (AMAERO) (Amaero SP series) and ancillary equipment, our team provides safe, productive, turnkey solutions for additive manufacturing as well as accredited university training.

Customers who benefit from purchasing metal 3D printing machines, consumables and equipment:

Amaero’s machine sales and manufacturing showroom is located at El Segundo in Los Angeles, USA. This showroom is conveniently located near LAX airport.

  • Tooling manufacturers
  • Universities
  • National laboratories
  • Dental clinics
  • Biomedical implant manufacturers
  • Engineering design houses
  • Automotive designers
  • Specialist aftermarket and military
Read more about the machines, equipment and consumables for sale here.

Training, Services & Maintenance

As a full end-to-end metal additive manufacturing service company, Amaero works with our customers to provide seamless integration to your current manufacturing business.

We offer our customers full post-sales support that includes:

  • Team and individual training in 3D design, prototyping and 3D printing
  • Technical advice on the most efficient set up of machines and equipment to optimize space and increase production
  • Servicing of machines and equipment
  • Recalibration of equipment
  • Parameter optimization

Patented Metal Alloys

In addition to our own metallurgical and engineering staff, Amaero has access to the professional staff and world class facilities of its partners at Monash University Centre for Additive Manufacturing (MCAM).

We are fortunate to access Monash University’s cutting-edge knowledge of material science and have global commercial license rights to patented proprietary alloys that we can offer to our customers. These include the Amaero Beta Ti and Amaero High Operating Temperature (HOT) Aluminum alloy.

The objective of researching new metal alloys is to identify opportunities for major improvements in material performance and higher operating temperatures. These new alloys can be tailored for additive manufacturing or traditional manufacturing processes.

The new high strength titanium alloy

The new “Amareo Beta Ti”heat-treatable titanium alloy has significantly improved mechanical properties that include increased:

  • Yield strength
  • Ultimate tensile strength (UTS)
  • Shear strength
  • Fatigue life

The significant superior fatigue properties result in improved durability, performance and reduction in weight, which is beneficial for components used in the aviation, defense and space industries.

The new high-performance aluminum alloy

The new High Operating Temperature (HOT) Aluminum alloy,
"Amaero HOT Al”
is a unique high-performance aluminum alloy that has the following increased properties:

  • Tensile strength
  • Durable and stable at high operating temperatures

This alloy has a high operating temperature (greater than 250 degrees Celsius), which is not possible with conventional alloys. The result is a premium alloy with superior performance.

Customers who benefit from new metal alloys:

  • Aviation
  • Space
  • Defense
  • Auto Racing
  • Leisure goods
  • Rail
  • Industrial equipment

Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA) Helps Our Customers Deliver on Challenging Opportunities Through World-Leading Research and Technology

Our World Class Partners

When you partner with us, you will experience our unique full end-to-end service approach to metal additive manufacturing.