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Amaero Pitches End-to-End Solutions for Aviation, Defence, Tooling

Jane Storey
July 14, 2021

Amaero Pitches End-to-End Solutions for Aviation, Defence, Tooling

Alan Kohler - Eureka Report

Amaero CEO Barrie Finnin spoke to Alan Kohler about our end-to-end #3dprinting solutions and the large market opportunity for our proposed Australian #titanium #alloy powder manufacturing plant. Listen/read here [subscriber only]:

Barrie Finnin is the CEO of Amaero International which has got a code of 3DA, they’re an additive manufacturing or 3D printing company, came out of Monash University back in – 2013, the thing was started, based on some IP that Monash developed and now they’re off and running, they’ve got a few projects on the go. They’re still burning cash, but he reckons they’ll get to cash breakeven relatively soon, but of course they’ve got a fair bit of growing to do, so they won’t be throwing off dividends any time soon. However, they have raised a fair bit of money, they’ve got $11 million dollars in the bank so they’re okay for cash and quite an interesting set of technologies that they’re doing. I think it’s a very interesting business.

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