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Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA) is an Australian company that commenced trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in December 2019.

The principal activity of Amaero is the provision of end to end additive manufacturing solutions in terms of services, equipment and technology to its key clients in the Aviation Defense and Space sectors and the Tool and Die industry.

Amaero was established with the support of Monash University in 2013 to commercialize opportunities in metal 3D printing identified by the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing (MCAM). Amaero is co-located with MCAM in Melbourne Australia. It operates two additional facilities, in Adelaide, South Australia, and El Segundo, California, USA.

Amaero has worked with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of aerospace and defense products in both an R&D and manufacturing capacity and has a demonstrated ability to deliver aviation and military specification 3D printed alloy critical operation components.

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Market Size

Growth Strategy

Amaero has a range of growth strategies designed to execute short-term, mid-term and long-term milestones. The focus is on immediate commercial opportunities whilst assisting larger clients in preparing for future manufacturing.


  • Metal powder, rod and wire manufacturing
  • Tooling and prototyping work
  • Providing corporate and industrial clients with 3D Printing services
  • Sales of Metal 3d printing and powder handling machines


  • Defense and Aerospace market opportunities
  • Off-set support for major defense organizations
  • Leverage our existing relationships to become a preferred partner to our existing Aerospace and Defense clients


  • Research & Development opportunities. For example, sovereign capabilities
  • Collaboration with larger clients, including Aerospace companies, Defense contractors, industrial manufacturers and universities
  • Expand our offering through the commercialization of metal alloys developed by research partners
  • Leverage our strong historical relationships with university and research organizations to support this long-term strategy

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Amaero is a publicly traded company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:3DA). Below are all of Amaero's ASX announcements.

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Pipeline stays healthy

The constraints of traditional machining techniques used for tooling manufacturing drive the competitiveness,

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Oversubscribed IPO

A spin-off of Monash University, Amaero has already captured the attention of major international aerospace players.

Amaero engineering to raise $8 Million

Additive manufacturing company Amaero International (ASX: 3DA) is seeking $8 million from investors to list on the Australian stock exchange and expand its operations.

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Amaero hunts for pre-IPO capital

Aussie 3D printing business Amaero International is out looking to raise $3 million in pre-IPO capital, as it edges closer to a potential ASX-listing before the year's end.

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Board and Management

David Hanna

David has worked as Director, Business Strategy for Monash University since 2012. In this role, he leads a small team that provides strategic support and financial advice in relation to the University’s major investment decisions.

In the 15 years prior to joining Monash University, David held a variety of senior management positions in the Victorian Government, these positions focused mainly around economic development policy, international policy and operations and innovation policy.

Earlier David spent 15 years in the Commonwealth Government, including three years on the personal staff of then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.

He has substantial experience in strategy development and delivery, innovation, governance and stakeholder engagement and management.

David is also Chairman of Docklands Studios Melbourne Pty Ltd (DSM), a Director of Unimutual Ltd, a Director of the Hudson Institute of Medical Research Ltd, and a Director of Springvale Monash Legal Service Ltd. He sits on the finance and risk committees of Docklands Studios , the Hudson and Unimutual giving him varied experience on both commercial and not for profit Boards with particular focus on strategy, governance and financial accountability. David is a member of the Audit and Risk Committee.

David has a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) from The Australian National University. He is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Kathryn Presser
Non-Executive Director

Kathryn Presser has previously served as CFO and Company Secretary for Beach Energy Limited (formerly Beach Petroleum Limited) (ASX: BPT), assisting the company from a junior explorer through numerous capital raisings as the CFO and then scaling for growth to become an ASX100 company.

Kathryn has extensive experience in governance, risk and financial reporting and management. Kathryn serves as Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee to oversee the financial elements of the business as well as providing direction to the Company Secretary.

Kathryn has a Bachelor of Arts and Accounting from the University of South Australia, an MBA from the University of Adelaide and has completed a Women’s Advanced Leadership Course at Harvard University.

She is a Certified Practising Accountant and is a Fellow of the Australian Society of CPAs, the Institute of Company Directors, the Governance Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Management.

Kathryn has a Bachelor of Arts and Accounting from the University of South Australia, a MBA from the University of Adelaide and has completed a Women’s Advanced Leadership Course at Harvard University.

She is a Certified Practising Accountant and is a Fellow of the Australian Society of CPAs, the Institute of Company Directors, the Governance Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Management.

Stuart Douglas
Executive Director

Stuart joined the board as an Executive Director in May 2019, providing strategic and operational advice to management and preparing the Company for capital raisings and scaling its operations in preparation for its anticipated IPO.

Stuart successfully implemented a similar strategy for Titomic Limited (ASX: TTT). Stuart is the co-founder of Innovyz, one of Australia’s leading commercialization firms which has assisted more than 70 early stage innovations in commercializing.

Stuart is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Barrie Finnin
Chief Executive Officer

Barrie is an experienced executive who has created a number of spin-off ventures, co-operative research centers and start-ups and has been involved in several others through their entire lifecycle.

Barrie worked at a senior management level for the CSIRO for more than 12 years and has been involved in the manufacturing industry for more than 25 years.

Over this time, Barrie has been involved in many different roles including CEO, Director, general management, alloy and process development, software development, marketing management, manufacturing, engineering, quality management, R&D Management, export sales management and business development.

Barrie has also been responsible for establishing international manufacturing plants and is experienced in dealing with global customers, suppliers and partners.
Barrie has a Bachelor of Applied Science and MBA Tech Management from Deakin University, and a Diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Carolin Darnanin
Company Secretary

Carolin is a Governance Advisor at cdPlus Corporate Services, which provides outsourced corporate governance and company secretarial services to both private and public companies in Australia. In addition, she is a practicing corporate and commercial lawyer with experience with clients ranging from newly incorporated start-ups through to ASX-listed companies at Coghlan Duffy & Co.

Carolin has experience in corporate and commercial law, consumer law, intellectual property law and privacy law and has worked as in-house legal counsel at various companies within the banking, e-commerce and data industry in Australia and Germany, being responsible for day-to-day contractual negotiations and compliance advisory activities.

Carolin has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) from the University of Applied Science in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from La Trobe University and a Master of Laws in Global Business Law (LL.M.) from La Trobe University. Carolin has also completed a Certificate in Governance Practice from the Governance Institute of Australia.


Corporate Governance

The Board is responsible for the overall governance of the Company. Issues of substance affecting the Company are considered by the Board, with advice from external advisers as required.

The Company has adopted a system of control and accountability as the basis for the administration of corporate governance. The Board has the responsibility of ensuring the Company is properly managed to protect and enhance Shareholders’ interests.

To the extent applicable, the Company has adopted the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Board Charter

The Board has adopted a written charter to provide a framework for the effective operation of the Board, the purpose of which is to promote high standards of corporate governance, clarify the roles and responsibility of the Board, provide strategic guidance to the Company, protect the interests of its shareholders and act efficiently, honestly and fairly.

The responsibilities of the Board are set down in the Company’s Board Charter, which has been prepared having regard to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles.


Board Committees

The Board may from time to time establish appropriate committees to assist in the discharge of its responsibilities. The Board has established the Audit and Risk Committee that will continue to operate following listing on the ASX.

Audit and Risk Committee

This Audit and Risk Committee charter describes the role, composition, functions and responsibilities of the Audit and Risk Committee, including reviewing financial reporting processes, monitoring legal and internal compliance, supervising the risk management framework and reviewing the adequacy of insurance policies.

DOWNLOAD Audit and risk Committee Charter

Remuneration and Nomination Committee

The Board is currently not of a relevant size to justify the formation of a separate Remuneration and Nomination Committee. However, the Board has adopted a Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter which describes the role, composition, functions and responsibilities of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee.

DOWNLOAD Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter

Corporate Governance Policies

The Company has also adopted the following policies, each of which has been prepared having regard to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles:

Corporate Governance Policies and Charters

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Audit and Risk Committee Charter

Board Charter

Code of Conduct

Continuous Disclosure Policy

Diversity Policy

Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter

Remuneration Policy

Risk Management Policy

Securities Trading Policy

Shareholder Communications Policy

Whistleblower Policy

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