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Amaero can produce components with short lead times (in days and weeks rather than months) in the following materials:

  • Nickel-based alloys including Hastelloy X and Inconel 625, 718 and 738 for high temperature applications such as the hot parts of gas turbine engines, heat exchangers, combined cycle power plants
  •  High alloy stainless steel (316L) for high strength, highly corrosion resistant applications in oil and gas and chemical processing plants as well as biomedical implants and tools.
  •  18% Ni Maraging 300 hardenable steel (Tooling Steel) for injection moulding tooling and very high strength airframe parts.
  •  Lightweight, high strength aluminium alloys (AlSi10Mg and AlSi7Mg),
  • Titanium alloys (Ti 64) for aerospace structures and marine applications, also medical devices and prosthetics.

Material Datasheets

For EOS M280/290

Aluminium (AlSi10Mg)

Hastelloy X

Inconel 718

Inconel 625

Stainless Steel (316L)

Titanium (Ti64)