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Manufacturers’ Monthly Feature Article


“Aussie startup races into new 3D printing niche”

Amaero has been mentioned a new article published by Manufacturers’ Monthly. The article discusses a potential new “killer application” for Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology, high performance heat exchangers. The Conflux CoreTM Heat Exchanger was prototyped by Amaero Engineering Pty Ltd over six one-month-long iteration cycles.

According to Michael Fuller, a former Formula 1 engineer and founder of Conflux Technology – “We’re able to achieve structural efficiencies so that we have light weight, we’ve got surface area density efficiencies because of the geometric freedoms – so we’ve got good thermal exchange – and our fluid pathways allow us to achieve a good compromise between pumping losses and thermal exchange.”

This result is only possible through the design freedom offered by layer-by-layer printing and the quick turn around from Amaero enabled the Conlux team to squash manufacturing time and spend more time on the design.

Conflux believes it’s product represents the next generation in heat exchange technology and Amaero was pleased to play an important role in its development.



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