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July 2017 - Amaero

Australia Unlimited – Amaero Engineering, World Leaders in 3D Printing

July 28th, 2017 by

3D printing is set to spark a global revolution in manufacturing and Australian company Amaero Engineering is leading the way – Ruby Lohman, Australia Unlimited.

Amaero has been featured in an article published by Austrade. The article summarises the creation of Amaero as a spin-off from the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing and goes on to describe it’s success in manufacturing aerospace components.

Through our partnership with MCAM, we’re right up there in terms of global technology leadership,” says Amaero’s Chief Executive Officer Barrie Finnin.Β β€œYou can 3D print parts that you can’t make any other way, the advantages of those parts could be things like reduced mass or better heat exchange. For certain applications in the aerospace industry that’s very attractive. Those are the kind of performance benefits the industry is prepared to pay a premium for.”

Whilst it is understood that conventional manufacturing methods will continue to dominate, the rise of additive manufacturing is changing the way engineers design things. Complex internal structures that were previously impossible to create are now achievable through 3D printing. Β As a result there are a growing number businesses establishing themselves in the additive manufacturing industry however many of them lack the knowledge required to use the machines. Finnin says that even the companies that make 3D printing machines are not experts on how to effectively use them.

β€œWe work with selective laser melting or powder-bed processes but also use direct laser deposition type processes as well,” says Finnin. β€œThose technologies are tricky. You can’t just buy a machine off the shelf, use the parameters that the machine supplier has given you and expect to go into production. It won’t work.”

Amaero uses five different metal 3D printing machines including the Concept Laser XLine 2000R, the world’s largest metal melting machine. The company is currently one of two employing this level of technology here in Australia and there are very few local experts. To address this Amaero offers paid internships, taking inexperienced engineers and training them to join their world-leading team of experts.

The full article is available here.

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