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November 2016 - Amaero

Amaero Announces Strategic Partnership with Safran Power Units

November 9th, 2016 by

Amaero is proud to announce a strategic partnership with French aerospace company Safran Power Units for the printing of aerospace components.

Manufacturing capacity will be set up in Toulouse with Amaero providing EOS SLM 3D printing capability and their additive manufacturing expertise. Together with Monash University, Amaero has modified the printers enabling them to meet the stringent material and product specifications required by Safran Power Units for engine parts.

Safran Power Units will design the components and Amaero will manufacture them. The parts will then be delivered back to Safran who will post-process, machine and assemble them into gas turbines. This partnership comes after a successful demonstration of Amaero’s manufacturing capabilities where together with several partners they reproduced aΒ Safran Power Units gas turbine jet engine from a Falcon 20 executive jet using metal 3D printing. This project validated that Amaero was capable of meeting the tough requirements of critical components such as the combustion chamber and nozzle.

Professor Ian Smith of Monash University saidΒ “I am delighted that Monash is contributing to global innovation and attracting business investment with our world-class research. The Amaero-Safran collaboration is a fabulous example of how universities and industry can link together to translateΒ research into real commercial outcomes.”

Safran Power Units CEO, FranΓ§ois Tarel, declared “We are committed to add tangible value to our products for the benefit of our customers. The stakes are high: weight reduction, huge production cycles shortening and designs innovation.Β  Safran Group advances and our partner leading-edge expertise allow us to stay ahead and to supply the most sophisticated components. This is not just a matter of 3D printing, the 3P rule applies: setting the right parameter for the right part and the right expected performance.”

You can read more about the strategic partnership in Safrans’ press release here.

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